Artists, Illustrators & Designers

  • expand your creativity by experimenting with new supplies and techniques

  • discover new materials and methods

  • chosen by artists, illustrators and designers for you



  • unplugged fun, over and over with great artist quality supplies

  • create as a family

  • easy for parents and grandparents with included activity/lesson and online video

  • complete* experience every month

  • helps parents and grandparents get the right supplies for their budding artist

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Seniors & Retirees

  • delivered every month

  • video and printed lesson to help guide you with your new tools

  • complete* experience every month

  • staying creative is a good mental exercise

  • variety of supplies every month to challenge your creativity



  • complete* experience every month includes activity/lesson and online video

  • learn about colors, art, composition, observation, imagination and more

  • expand your creativity by experimenting with new supplies and techniques

  • build up your studio’s supplies


Older Kids & Students

  • reconnect parents and teens when done as a family

  • unplugged fun, reduces screen time

  • can help build a portfolio

  • exposure to quality supplies and what makes them better



  • learn new tools and techniques to use on your craft project

  • gain confidence with using and experimenting with new tools

  • new creative outlet that’s a little different and exciting

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*does not include paper towels, water, mixing area, things like that.