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"I wanted to let you know when I signed up for your box, I also signed up with 2 other art boxes. I wanted to see the differences and which one was better...needless to say my daughter asked me to keep yours! ...and yours gets more creative. Like the watercolors!!!"
12/13/18 Jenn

“She absolutely loves the subscription…Thank you so much for the rapid response.  I love great customer service!”
9/17/18 Isabella

" ...thank you I'm really enjoying my art materials!"
7/23/18 IG artist @mysocalledart68

" Working with a new medium tonight... I love it! I have a few more I was working on with the blue lead! It's awesome, I love it!" 
7/23/18 IG artist iroq559

" I've had a bit of a creativity block lately. But I finished my @smilecreaterepeat box for June! Much more cartoon than the example but I really like what I did. It was an exercise in creating something I wanted instead of copying something exactly."
7/10/18 IG artist artfluidity

"Got my first @smilecreaterepeat box. I would have never tried stamp making on my own. I like it and will be making many more."
7/6/18 IG artist zombieakward_bot

" What's inside the box? Stuff that I never thought about using. Trying new things is always fun."
7/6/18 IG artist cocoafabulous00

"Art is supposed to be messy and if I am not messy, I am not doing my best" ~from a brilliant 7 year old artist

"We actually have never heard of your wonderful company before except through a girl we know at my daughters ballet conservatory. She was doing a fundraiser during Christmas through SCR. We signed up for the fundraiser to help our friend but we are the greater beneficiaries!! This has been the best long lasting Christmas present ever! We are so very pleased with your company. Thank you for promoting creativity!!"
5/12/18 Michele

" After write her review for Macaroni Kid Nashua NH Emma begged me for a subscription. She got her wish for her birthday in October. She was so excited this week to get the oil paints. "Mom I've never worked with oil paint...I can't wait to try!!". Thank you for exposing my daughter to media's we probably wouldn't have on our own!!"
11/9/17 Donna, November '17 box

" Just wanted to let you know I've enjoyed the boxes so much. Each box I received I loved. And I really enjoy the videos, too."
9/11/17 Tammy, adult artist

"... So after a long day it ended on such a wonderful, beautiful, artful surprise! I am so proud of her for sharing her art with you all and even prouder that you shared it with your email list. It was a perfect way to end my night...My Momma heart filled with Pride and of course lots of Smiles!!" 
7/18/17 Parent of a 13 year old

"We got a subscription as a gift two years ago. Just FYI, my kids were very little when we got this, so I saved all the boxes to use this coming year in our homeschool. Looking very forward to it."
6/5/17 homeschool family

" This box is a lot of fun, and I hope my mom subscribes so I can create more of these cool drawing and other pieces of art.”
5/24/17 Emma, age 11

" Thank you for creating the Smile Create Repeat boxes!  I always enjoy trying out the new supplies and seeing how they influence my artworks."
3/8/17 Artist-Long Time Subscriber to SCR

drawing by Rachel -SCR subscriber- with water soluble markers, black fine liner pen, on Ampersand Clayboard

drawing by Rachel -SCR subscriber- with water soluble markers, black fine liner pen, on Ampersand Clayboard

"Thank you so much for your quick reply! Great service!"
3/8/17 New Subscriber to SCR

" Really love these art subscription art boxes. It's time to be creative."
2/12/17 IG artist daggeroblige

"Thank u. Your product is great."
1/24/17 Surprise for child artist

"I love the original idea for this artwork. Thanks!"
12/18/16 Adult artist

"I am a very recent member. August was my first box, along with the Summer Sketchbox. I am SO thrilled with both boxes! I am also a member of another well known subscription art box, but so far I feel Smile Create Repeat has more value for the price. I am happy I joined and look forward to my next box. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in your choices and the work you do for your members."
8/6/16 Surprise for adult artist

"My daughter enjoyed the boxes and like getting"professional" style tools."
6/7/16 Surprise for college artist

"I've been searching for a good quality art subscription box for some time now, and I couldn't find any to my liking until I came across yours. I feel like this sketchbox is loads better than any other I have found! The supplies you ship in your boxes are quality, and the fact that you also ship some papers and things to use the supplies on is amazing! I feel like more people should know about this. I will be sure to recommend my friends to try this."
6/1/16 Surprise for adult artist

"Fantastic! Our first grader has really taken to pen and ink lately. So fun to see them explore!"
4/12/16 Surprise for daughter, age 7

"Thank you so much! I'm a "shut in" artist and I look forward to your delivery every month!"
11/4/15 Surprise for adult artist

"I am so excited to get our first box!  My daughter is 13 and LOVES art.  She enjoys anything and everything she can get her hands on."
10/13/15 Surprise for daughter, age 13

"I gave my daughter the gift this morning and the word reaction was- Dad, this is awesome!"
8/25/15 July Surprise for daughter, age 8

"I like the surprise element of it. I own other art supplies, but it is a fun incentive for me to get new ones each month, and to try to create something using just those new supplies."
6/23/15 June Surprise for adult

"The program drew my attention because it seemed well thought out and high end. I could tell that a lot of thought and care went into each package. I also like that it exposed folks to new artistic techniques."
6/26/15 June surprise sent as a gift to adult

"We just got a box of goodies in the mail, and the kids are SO excited!"
3/17/15 Past Surprise for Teri at Homestead Honey

"I loved my first box! Have a wonderful day I'm looking forward to the next box!"
11/6/14 November Surprise for adult and daughter

"Melissa received her first month of art supplies from Smile Create Repeat. She loved messing around with the charcoals...smudging, rubbing and drawing."
10/5/14 October box bought for daughter, age 6.

"The Smile Create Repeat box arrived and it is wonderful.  Rose is really excited to work with the high end supplies and have fun getting creative.  Thank you. It is fantastic!"
October box bought as a gift for her granddaughter, age 10.

8/2016 August Surprise Print block from young artist subscriber.

8/2016 August Surprise Print block from young artist subscriber.


Subscription Art Box Reviews

" This is the first time I tried using charcoal and graphite pencils. The pencils I used were @generalpencil from my April @smilecreaterepeat box. They are amazing and now I am hooked!!!"
4/26/18 Katherine B. from ourwhiskeylullaby.com
view full review here

Katherine B. from ourwhiskeylullaby.com Using April 2018 charcoal box

Katherine B. from ourwhiskeylullaby.com
Using April 2018 charcoal box

"Smile Create Repeat is an amazing art supply subscription box delivered straight to your door and we are super excited for the chance to introduce them to you. "
4/23/18 freecrafts.com
view full review here

" These boxes are great to travel with and will introduce you to a whole new world. In my opinion, if you’re intimidated by starting something new or simply don’t know where to start, then this is the perfect opportunity. With supplies sent directly to your house, you won’t have to try to figure out what supplies to begin with; you’ll turn into a professional artist in no time."
3/26/18 allfreepapercrafts.com
view full review here

"It’s pretty refreshing to see a quality subscription box that doesn’t cost $40+. $20 shipped is a fantastic value for well-curated art supply choices. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned artist, the monthly surprise from Smile Create Repeat should be right for you."
8/29/16 July Surprise from Mike Favata at Florida Geek Scene

"I do like that Smile Create Repeat has a video demo for the supplies on their YouTube. On top of that, they give you a step by step instruction (in words, I prefer visuals so I watched the video) included on the informational paper that was in the box. Smile Create Repeat is one of the less expensive art supplies box, but I think it’s more than worth the price for what you’re getting. Inspiration and enough supplies to do something artistic. What’s not to love there?"
8/7/16 May Surprise from Kisa at Okayo Okasan

7/28/16  Youtube video from  Mina Petrović, professional illustrator, manga teacher, pop-culture lecturer, Author of " Manga Crash Course "

7/28/16 Youtube video from Mina Petrović,
professional illustrator, manga teacher, pop-culture lecturer, Author of "Manga Crash Course"

"She looks forward to getting these boxes each month as well, and has already gotten some great use out of her first box of goodies. I’m never sure about subscription boxes, but I have to say that if you have a child who is really interested in art, this is a great way for them to build their supply stash as well as get some great tutorials on how to use the various items. It also encourages them to try new things and experiment artistically."
7/31/16 April Surprise from
Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler

"The quality of all of the items that we received is excellent and we are so in love with the carbon pencil! The presentation is great - we adore the postcards and love the idea that your work could be included in the box!"
7/13/16 July Surprise from Asheli from I'm Not a Tree Reviews

"Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to others.  As a homeschool family I can definitely see how we could incorporate these different supplies into our creative time."
7/19/16 May Surprise from Lyndy at Living a New View

"Smile Create Repeat would be great for budding artists and seasoned artists alike,  These high quality art supplies didn't disappoint and made for a really fun art lesson.  This art supply subscription would meld perfectly into a homeschool art curriculum or would be a fun surprise for the upcoming summer months."                                                                                                    4/15/15 February Surprise from Christin Banda at ABCD Diaries

"If you have children and they love arts and crafts this is the perfect subscription box for you! I was very impressed by the quality of the materials and the wonderful instructions on how to use the supplies. Very well thought out and worth every penny. What a fun way to spend a weekend with your little ones."
12/2/14 November Surprise from Kelley Henley at Irish Kawaii

"I think Smile Create Repeat has a very sweet concept; I love that their boxes work just for yourself, or for a parent with kids of any age. The information they provide is very thorough and helpful, and I love that they throw in an easy craft for very young children to try while you work on the main project."
11/10/14 October Surprise from MySubscrptionAddiction.com

"The card gives you some instructions on how to use your supplies, but you are free to create whatever design you wish.  It even included a project to turn the box into a turkey!  L has a day off school this week so we are going to work on it then.  I can’t wait!"
November Surprise from RamblingsofaSuburbanMom.com

"Smile Create Repeat is a new subscription box of quality art supplies for anyone who loves to create! You can see that we are creating right now! If you are a person (of any age) who loves art supplies, or needs to send a gift to an artist, this is a GREAT way to discover new media and new tools."
10/18/14 October box from MommySplurge.com

"My children had a wonderful time with their Smile Create Repeat box and I can definitely see a subscription making an amazing holiday gift for them or any other expressive child."
12/1/14 November Surprise from ObviouslyMarvelous.com