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Discover why 1000s of artists and artists-to-be love supplies from their Smile Create Repeat monthly art box.


You get more with Smile Create Repeat

More supplies. More time creating. More time smiling. Each monthly surprise of great art supplies includes so much more than just the quality tools that professional artists and illustrators use. You also get fun extras, tips, lessons, step-by-step demonstrations and inspiration to help you create, become a better artist and have fun. Plus free shipping–that's approximately a $5 a month savings.


5 or more supplies Each month

So you can create when you receive your surprise and all month long. Including tool specific surfaces to work on which may include specialty papers, canvas or panels.

artist quality. period.

You are getting the right supplies to make the best art you can. No cotton balls or Popsicle sticks allowed and no wasted time searching for supplies you don’t want. With Smile Create Repeat you get the right supplies!



what do i do with these supplies?

Be inspired and follow the included step-by-step lesson to explore your new supplies and create amazing art. Or just create anything you'd like and maybe learn a little something new with the tips and tricks.

get better each month

Visit our YouTube channel and watch a new demonstration video each month. These videos take you from start to finish using the supplies in your surprise. Tony (co-founder of SCR and a professional artist, illustrator and designer) shares his process and mistakes for creating and some insights as to why he chose the specific supplies.

Ready to start?

Your subscription will start with the February Surprise and you can
add a Past Surprise* or Holiday Sketch Box Gift Pack* to your order.

*Past Surprise and Holiday Sketch Box Gift Pack ship within 2-3 days of sign up.