Celebrate with Us

It’s our 5 year anniversary and we’re celebrating. All subscribers will receive an extra special Surprise in November. You won’t want to miss it.

A Curated Themed Surprise of Art Supplies

We’re here to help you smile and find more joy in creating your art. Think of us as a monthly box of you-time. In each Surprise you’ll get to try out the most sought-after artist’s tools and materials around with a monthly art box full of art supplies picked by us with you in mind - and learn how best to use each and every one.

Start your subscription now for as low as $20 a month (with a yearly plan). It's your turn to Smile. Create. Repeat!


In the box

5 or more full-size artist quality art supplies from great manufacturers like Gamblin, General, Tombow, Strathmore, Moleskine, Pentel, Winsor & Newton and more. The inspiration and step-by-step demo, tips and video tutorial included every month to help you get the most from your subscription. Plus: free shipping, no signup fees, easy to cancel and great personal service.

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Who is this art box best for?

Click. The TV is turned off as she jumps from the couch. Mary just heard the mail truck drive away and knows today is the day. She is so excited. She can’t get rid of the SMILE on her face. She races to what was delivered. Perfectly fit in the mailbox is her newest Smile Create Repeat Art Subscription Box. Mary grabs her Surprise and, like a character from a Saturday morning cartoon, is gone. All that’s left in her place is a cloud of dust.

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How does this work?


Pick your plan →

Choose a monthly plan or save money with a 6 or 12 month plan for you or as a great gift.


We curate your box →

We select and test artist quality supplies that work together in a themed Surprise. Then we make a demo to show you what you can create and how to begin.


Discover something new

Smile when your new Surprise arrives at your door each month. Create something new. Repeat.