What is a

Smile Create Repeat Surprise?

A creative excuse to hangout and unplug with friends, loved ones or just a little you-time. Each month in your themed Smile Create Repeat art supply subscription box, you will receive 5 or more quality art supplies chosen and tested by artists. And not just pens each month. We’ve done watercolor, oil paint, scratchboard and more.

If you got a Ferrari and had to drive it on the sand would that let you appreciate the greatness of the car? No that’s why we include surfaces (charcoal paper, watercolor paper, canvas, etc.) specific to your needs to give you the best experience with your new supplies and to truly enjoy the excellence of each unique tool.

Discovering your favorite is a little easier with the simple explanations for your new tools included in every box on our exclusive double-sided Creative Card along with inspiration, step-by-step lesson and additional surprises, delivered right to your door all in a reusable recyclable box.