why you’ll love your SMILE CREATE REPEAT

Art Box.

Maybe you’re sitting there with a glass of wine relaxing after a long hard day of doing everything for everyone else. And now you’re ready for a little you-time. You take a little sip and open your Surprise.

The first thing you notice is the paper. Artist paper. You touch it. The texture is nice and you think I can’t wait to use this. The next is a bundle of supplies wrapped like a little gift. A larger smile stretches to the edges of your face as you unwrap your present. I’ve never used these before, this is so exciting. What are they and what do I do with them, you think?

Looking back in the box you notice the Creative Card, a double-sided treasure map explaining your new favorite supplies and leading you on an exciting journey with a step-by-step lesson to inspire and guide you. You notice the YouTube logo in the corner and know you’ll be watching the tutorial and following along later. You take another sip and push the box out of the way. As you do this you see there are more surprises in the box. You smile and reach for your new favorite supply as you enjoy a little more you-time.

  1. 5 or more art supplies

  2. Tool-specific demonstration video

  3. Inspirational step-by-step tutorial

  4. Fun extras

  5. Free Shipping

  6. No signup fees

  7. Easy to cancel

  8. Great customer service