13 great ways to get more out of your Smile Create Repeat art supply subscription

Great ideas with Smile Create Repeat

Discovering new supplies, techniques and inspiration each month is already why we love Smile Create Repeat but we want to give you more. So here are 13 great ways to get more out of your Smile Create Repeat art supply subscription. Get ready to expand your creativity and blow your mind with these exciting ideas.

  1. Follow along with the demonstration videos to learn new techniques and creation ideas.

  2. Create art using supplies from multiple month’s Surprises.

  3. Set-up an object and draw it multiple times the same way using different supplies. (For example: a pencil, a drawing pen, a colored pencil, watercolor etc.)

  4. Draw the supply you’re using with the supply your using. It will be tricky as you’ll need to observe, remember and then make your mark.

  5. Use your boxes as storage in your studio.

  6. Share your supplies with a friends while your at a holiday meal.

  7. Start a little group at a coffee shop to draw together.

  8. Draw with your friends that also receive Smile Create Repeat.

  9. Test different brands of supplies together to get a real feel of the differences. (For example: different brands of colored pencils.)

  10. Dump out months of supplies on the table and draw together as a family making stories, art and memories.

  11. Use the same tool on the different papers and notice the feel, texture and look of each and how they are compare.

  12. Use these supplies for other activities. Will sketching out ideas at work with brush pen make you smile a little more? Or a bright colored pen for taking notes in class.

  13. Feel better and have a better day by drawing in a sketchbook while your waiting inline or for an appointment instead of checking your phone?

What great ideas have you come up with? Please share in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and remember to Smile Create Repeat.