Creative Ideas to Make a Mess with Art Spray


Every month we make a video demo/lesson to go along with our monthly art supply subscription box. This April was tricky because of the size of the spray and trading cards. I knew when ordering the white Sharpie paint pen to go along the Art Spray, that I would be “cutting into” the spray of color or painting over it. As I was experimenting with our kiddos I had a few other ideas too.

I used to airbrush motorcycle helmets when I raced pre-kiddos so I know I could incorporate some of those techniques with the Art Spray. Here we used some scrap paper and ripped a triangle.


Then sprayed it, let it dry and viola we had a dress. Here is a cute one from Alex, she’s 7 and one I did. She had a hard time squeezing the nozzle (funny story a little later in the post) so I had to help her just a little. Also be sure to remind kiddos to never point these or any other paints at their face.


Alex had a great time with the Art Spray. She was doing all kind of things with it just having fun, being creative and experimenting. One of the times she was trying to spray, she didn’t push it down a hard so some little spritzes of paint came out. I saw that and said “Oh that could be cool for textures.” That spray is on the left and a full spray is on the right.

Try getting your mouth close to the paint or using a straw and blow into the wet paint and see what effects you can create. That's what we did with the splotch on the right.

What do you think about the Art Spray? We enjoy seeing what you create so please share with us. Thanks for reading.

Tony LuongoComment