Mixing your paints to discover exciting new colors


These are some of the awesome supplies that our subscribers received in their November 2017 box. If you are new to painting or have some new colors it might be a good idea to do some mixing in order to see what color combinations are possible. Here I used a scrap piece of cardboard with my Gamblin 1980 oil paints and Royal and Langnickel Zen brush.

I started with colors straight from the tubes in the three corners. I then took some of the Titanium White and Transparent Red Oxide and mixed a color in the middle of the two. I repeated this with Titanium White and Torrit Grey and then again with the Transparent Red Oxide and Torrit Grey.

I continued mixing colors until the triangle was complete. My goal for this exercise was to get an idea of what colors were possible not to make a smooth even gradient. When I mixed the color midway between the Transparent Red Oxide and Torrit Grey I add two levels of white to learn what values that warm grey would make.

This is a fun little exercise that gets you pushing around paint without much planning. I was surprised how orange the middle color between the Transparent Red Oxide and Titanium White was. Which was not planned but worked out well for my alla prima painting demo of the pumpkin. (You can watch that full length demo on our YouTube channel.) I frequently do this when creating color combinations for the monthly boxes and when we do a three color challenge. Like I did in the gouache painting demo of an avocado.

What tricks do you have for learning about your new colors?