Draw with a charcoal sword. Sharpen your vine charcoal or charcoal pencil like an artist

First be careful and if you're a kid get your parents help.

Of course you can use a pencil sharpener, artists use pencil sharpeners, but that's no fun. Won’t it be more fun to draw with a sword of charcoal? Here is how I do it.

Hold your pencil or charcoal stick pointing away from you and with your other hand grab your blade and slowly–cutting away from you–cut a piece off. Continue to do this all around the cylinder to make a nice point. That’s it. The trick is to know how deep to cut so you don’t break the point.

Another way to sharpen a charcoal stick is to use a sandpaper block. Rub the charcoal in small circles to wear down the stick to create a fine point. The lower the anger you use the longer the point can be. Be careful not to breathing in the dust. You can save the powder and use it.

Have you done this before or do you have another technique that works great?