Challenge yourself and discover exciting new possibilities using limited palette

Draw a tree. Did you automatically reach for green? Me too. That’s why it's exciting and fun to push ourselves using a limited palette. In this example to make some Christmas Trees, I use gold, red, black and the white of the paper. These supplies were included in the Smile Create Repeat December 2016 Surprise.

Much like a green tree, I chose to start with a gold star, white snow and a dark trunk. Using solid shapes of color and just outlines I continued to make more trees varying the colors for each. The yellow snow...I mean gold snow I think works with the gold tree. It can either be reflected light of the tree or possibly dried up grass peeking through a broken snow cover.


Here is another example of a gouache painting using with a limited palette of white, yellow ochre and ultramarine blue from the Smile Create Repeat August 2015 Surprise. You can watch the demo video of this below.

This is different than using markers because of the mixing to make more colors, but ass you can see you still need to make decisions and choose the color. Plus this style of painting can create easier color harmonies.

Have you experimented with a limited palette? If so what was your experience like.


Tony LuongoComment