A Great Gift for Crafters, Scrapbooking Jewelry Makers and More

A Tweet Drawing from https://twitter.com/SmileCre8Repeat

A Tweet Drawing from https://twitter.com/SmileCre8Repeat

In a small town outside the capital, Jackie a successful designer, was busy in her studio creating her latest scrapbook for her parent's anniversary. She created a few pages and stopped. She looked at what she was doing and sighed. It looked good, really good, but it just looked like what she always made. Distraught and exhausted, she called her friend Jenn, also an accomplished designer, and told her about how she fell into a creative rut. Jenn, a longtime subscriber to Smile Create Repeat told Jackie all about how much she loved getting her monthly surprise of great art supplies and how it's really helped her scrapbooking, work, and creativity all around. The variety of artist quality supplies gave her work a fresh look that no one else had. She recommended that Jackie sign up.

The next month Jackie received her first monthly surprise. She opened it with scepticism (I think that’s a type of knife). Soon though, she realized that she loved the quality of the supplies and the exclusive “Creative Card” art lesson. She followed the lesson as she watched the demonstration video online. Her creativity was flowing now. She called Jenn and thanked her. After she hung up, she started again on her parents’ anniversary scrapbook. This time the book was amazing and she loved it, and so did Jackie’s parents.

If you’re a crafter and you’ve ever sat in your studio, aka Kitchen table, and thought to yourself “I want to make something. I need to make something but I'm stuck. What should I do?” Trying new supplies and techniques just might help you regain the fire you’ve lost. Don't wait for inspiration to strike, go kick him in the shins and say let’s go. Then start creating and making some marks. Inspiration always strikes best when it finds you working.

Remember, you create beautiful crafts because you like creating. You have ideas that you need to get out of your head. Trying new supplies and learning new techniques will help you discover new and amazing creative possibilities. Every month you'll receive exciting art supplies selected by artists and a lesson on how you can use your new tools. You can incorporate your new ideas and techniques into what you already do to create fresh scrapbooking projects.

The supplies and lessons are fun ways to explore and learn. It would be hard to write a story with only 236 words (well... Dr. Seuss did it with The Cat in the Hat.) Ok with only 235 words. The larger your vocabulary, the easier it would be to write. Whether you are scrapbooking, decorating furniture, making jewelry or hooking rugs, having a large artistic vocabulary will help you say what you are trying to say easier and more clearly.

I get in a rut many times. Sometimes I go for a run to clear my head. But sometimes I just need to push through it. Let me know what you do in the comments below.

  • learn with new tools and techniques to use on your craft projects
  • gain confidence with using and experimenting with different tools
  • fresh creative outlets that are a little different and exciting
  • introduced to great artist quality supplies curated by artists/illustrators
  • unplugged fun, reduces screen time
  • create with family and friends
  • delivered every month, enjoy the excitement of Christmas every month
  • variety of supplies every month to expand your creativity and studio supplies
  • discover new materials and methods
  • complete* experience every month

*does not include paper towels, water, mixing area, things like that.