11 reasons Smile Create Repeat is the best subscription box for kids


Click. The tv is turned off as she jumps from the couch. Mary just heard the mail truck drive away and knows today is the day. She is so excited. She can’t get rid of the SMILE on her face. She and her mom race to the mailbox with the excitement of discovering what Santa has left under the tree on Christmas morning. Perfectly fit in the mailbox is her newest Smile Create Repeat Art Subscription Box. Mary grabs her surprise and like a character from a Saturday morning cartoon is gone. All that’s left in her place is a cloud of dust.

If you have children and they love arts and crafts this is the perfect subscription box for you! I was very impressed by the quality of the materials and the wonderful instructions on how to use the supplies. Very well thought out and worth every penny. What a fun way to spend a weekend with your little ones.
— 12/2/14 November Surprise from Kelley Henley at Irish Kawaii

Now settled into her studio, you know, the kitchen table with all of her supplies from past months laid out around the artist, Mary can start to CREATE right away. She opens her new box and immediately sees the exclusive Creative Card and coloring Box Wrap hugging her new tools. She loves the Creative Card because it explains her new artist quality supplies and includes an art lesson to guide her on a journey of discovery and creativity. When Mary was younger she needed some help with the instructions. Her mom was happy to create with Mary while they followed the lesson and watched the instructional/demonstration video online. Now she is an expert and appreciates the quality of the supplies. It’s easier for her to express her vision when she using the right tools.

Mary has such a great time, discovering new art supplies, creating great art for the Fridge Gallery and to share online for a chance to win prizes, but mostly she enjoys some great uninterrupted mommy and me time. She can’t wait until next month so she can REPEAT this wonderful experience.

11 reasons Smile Create Repeat is the best subscription box for kids:

  • introduced to great artist quality supplies curated by artists/illustrators
  • unplugged fun, reduces screen time
  • easy for parents and grandparents with included activity/lesson and online video
  • complete* experience every month
  • create as a family
  • helps parents and grandparents get the right supplies for their budding artist
  • delivered every month, enjoy the excitement of Christmas every month
  • variety of supplies every month to expand your creativity and studio supplies
  • discover new materials and methods
  • learn about colors, art, composition, observation, imagination and more
  • share your work with the SCR community and enter to win prizes

*does not include paper towels, water, mixing area, things like that.

Let us know what you think. What does/would your kiddo like to create with?