DIY Altoids Watercolor Palette


Create an amazing customizable portable travel-ready watercolor palette using an Altoids mint tin. 

  1. First step and maybe the most enjoyable, eat all the mints.

  2. After you’ve emptied the tin wipe it out so it’s clean. 

  3. Cut magnets a little bit smaller than than the bottom of the pan

  4. Fill extra pans with paint

  5. Let the paint dry (3-4 days)

  6. Attach magnets to filled dried pans 

  7. Place pans in bottom of the tin where the mints were

  8. Put in a piece of paper towel in empty space next to the paint

  9. Use lid as mixing palette


Watercolor Painting En Plein Air

Follow along as we take you through a plein air painting. Demonstrating the new tools and showing the mixing of colors and providing pointers along the way. Finishing this urban sketch with our Altoids watercolor palette over the waterproof ink from our Pigma Micron pen.


Painted Box

As you no doubt noticed this month’s box is a little different than past month’s. Each box was hand painted for you to hopefully add a little more color and inspiration to this special Surprise. See how we did it in this quick video capturing when the paint hits the cardboard.


Customize Your Altoids Palette

In your 5 year anniversary Surprise from Smile Create Repeat we included 3 empty pans and 3 we filled with paint. The colors included are Alizarin Crimson (cool red), Cadmium Yellow Hue (warm yellow), and Ultramarine Blue (cool blue). With the 3 empty pan you can squeeze out your own watercolors into them and customize your palette. Colors I would recommend are a warm red, like Cadmium Red, a cool yellow Lemon Yellow and a warm blue, Cerulean or Cobalt Blue.


Earn MORE Supplies

  1. Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).

  2. Post a pic on social media

  3. Tag it with #smilecreaterepeat #inktober and #inktober2019

  4. Repeat (Every day, every other day or once a week.)

  5. Every post gets you entered to win more supplies in your next box!

  6. Download your SCR prompts calendar


Inktober Must Have Art Supplies

Learn what tools you need for Inktober. A lot LESS than you might think.


Decorate Your Box

Do you have little ones that love to color? Download the Halloween themed box wrap to add a personalized touch to your box.